Musolist Podcast

We've had the best time ever putting together a radio show of the best damn bands you've never heard of! We are creating a incredible sense of community with the bands and to our delight, some of the bands have teamed up and played shows together and we would love to be at every single show. For no other reason then to shake the hands of the band members, watch an incredible set and then go live at the show and bring parts of it back to those of you that couldn't make it.

Musolist Podcast

355: Morning Commute w/Nick #355

My Boy by Marina Maximillan

I’ll Be There by Silver Wilson

Shiver by Josh Wheatley

Like I Do by Shasta ft Esjay Jones

Hello by Cole Phoenix

Loving You by Celeste Buckingham


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    Morning Commute w/Nick #354

    Electric by The Raise

    Electrify by The Twisted Dolls

    Who Do You Love by Satellite Sky

    Under The Gun by The 89

    Highly Established & Esteemed Acquaintances by Horse Mode


    Morning Commute w/Nick #353

    Get Enuff by Mystery Skulls ft Eevan Tre

    The Drive by Paper Mache Kisses ft Nick Walker

    The Beautiful Ones by Juxta

    Graham Road by The Mental Straights

    Really Thought She Loved...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #352

    She Said by Violet Youth

    Brooklyn Love by Demi

    Hide by Heavy Suns

    Husk by Black Foxxes

    Lonely by Lunar Rogue

    Tragic tales & Lullabies

    Girl Interrupted by Attack On Mars

    Stand Up...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #351

    Melanin by DeQn Sue

    Blue Angel by Panda Cult

    Tastemaker by Katie Laffan

    Pick Me Up by Guts

    Daydreams by Cesium Swimsuit

    Melanin Poppin by Fudakochi

    Graces by Amy Steele


    Morning Commute w/Nick #350

    Believe by The YeahTones

    Bela Lagosi by The Severed Limb

    Highly Established & Respected Acquaintances by Horse Mode

    Aghouri by Sights & Sages

    B Child by The White Russian


    Morning Commute w/Nick #349

    Where Have You Been by Port Cities

    Mercury by Augustus

    Angeline by The Dots

    Notice Me Tonight by Auburntown

    The Hell I m by Hick’ry Hawkins & Sidemeat

    Caleb’s Chase by Gerry...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #348

    Fake by Lazy Ambition

    Hate Me by Escape The Fate

    Nyc Is by Men Without Armies

    Homesick by Astronoid

    Two Sides Of Me by From Inside

    Elevation by In Search Of Sun

    Electric by The...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #347

    Lunatics by Spawn

    Crazy Kind Of Way by ShotGun 21

    She Didn’t Come Alone by Skaramanga

    Marry Me by Little Monkeys & The Hungry Boys

    Strawberries & Cream by East Row Rabble


    Morning Commute w/Nick #346

    11085,Road Less Traveled,Jed Mottley.mp3

    11062,17 Day,Angie Bruyere.mp3

    Crazy Idea by Jessica Lynn

    11219,Gone,Tim Johnson.mp3

    10583,Man In Me, Enter The Blue Sky.mp3


    Morning Commute w/Nick #345

    Wide Eyed Thinking by Third Time Luckie

    Purple Strips by Reminders

    Short Straw by Baseline

    Rosemount by The New Varsity

    Homesick by Before The Streetlights

    In Lives Like These...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #344

    B Child by The White Russian

    Aghouri by Sights & Sages

    Angels by Kingdom Of Lights

    Highly Established & Respected Acquaintances by Horse Mode

    Wake Up by The Shadow Division


    Morning Commute w/Nick #343

    Written In The Stars by Collins & Stress

    I’m Grateful For You by Brandon LaSpada

    Truth by Blonde Wolf

    Black Mare by Simeon Flick

    You’ve Disappeared by Graham Mitchell

    Let Me In...

    Morning Commute w/Nick #342

    Yeah by Luis Bruno

    Daydreams by Cesium Swimsuit

    Wannabe by Dear Tatiana

    Do Not Disturb Me When I’m Practicing My Kung Fu by Rhyme Artist

    Pick Me Up by Guts

    Melanin by DeQn Sue


    Morning Commute w/Nick #341

    Burnout by Kill For Eden

    Who Do You Love by Satellite Sky

    Despicable by Giftshop

    Under The Gun by The 89

    Ouija Board by The Crooked & The Straight

    Cemetery Eyes by Supermajor