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Singer Available For Rock Bands In Woking
Posted by Zedi Forder 2 months ago


Based in the UK. Interested in PAID session work worldwide.
Session Singing & Song Writing

Do you have a recording project that needs a Vocalist? Singer available for paid vocal sessions. Let me help bring your project to life. Simply provide me with your vocal melody, lyrics and backing track and I'll get it down with quick turnaround. I can record remotely. I've sung within several genres including rock/metal/pop/acoustic/electronic.

Hear me here -

Contact me by email for fee info etc - kerlomusic (at "yaaaahhooo" dot co dot uk)

Discords I'm trying to get up and running, please feel free to join -

Music grp in UK -

Music grp in the USA -

Cheers guys!

Herder by Zedi Forder

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