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Guitarist Wanted For Southern Rock Band In Yarrawonga
Posted by Memphis Nights 10 months ago


Wanting to form a band in the Yarrawonga, Victoria region

I'm a singer/songwriter and bassist who has been gigging with both covers and originals for about 20 years. I've recently re-located to the Yarrawonga region in Victoria and am now looking to find a new band.

My aim is to put together a southern rock/pub rock style band of either covers or originals to gig around and make a little cash. Would be cool if it was a bit bluesy so we could also aim for the regions blues festival.

As I am a Singer/Bassist I am after Guitarists and Drummers but am also interested in Harmonica or Saxophone players. If you can sing then even better.

I am 42 and my vocal sound is on the lines of Springsteen/Eagles/CCR so anyone who can sing a different sound to this to cover what I can't would be desirable.

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