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Singer Available For Any Bands In Orlando
Posted by Hailey about 1 year ago


Hi! My name is Hailey and I’m moving to The Orlando area in January. I am primarily a singer but also have been teaching myself to play the ukelele (solidly average) and can play like... 3.5 songs in the piano. Guitar is in my to do list. I would say my voice is best suited to the softer side of alternative rock, acoustic pop, and jazz but I like to float around and find individual songs that fit no matter the genre. Some of my major influences are Joni Mitchell, Ingrid Michaelson, and Gabrielle Aplin, but my taste is very eclectic. I like a bit of everything :) Would love to sing/play in a band or at least find other musicians to collaborate or jam with.
I had issues uploading a song but I make very sour if the moment I-phone recorded covers from time to time on Instagram and you can find them by searching haileybrucemusic :)

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