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Guitarist Available For Acoustic Bands In Barrie
Posted by Julie 11 months ago


I'm looking for a musician to join me in April for the #Barrie Street Performing Auditions. Guitar and singing or any instrument that we can do something creative with. Hell, if you can play spoons and it works, let's do it.

I have time and space to practice and some great equipment. I'm not a stellar musician but I can definitely compliment the right person. I have experience in open mics, karaoke and pretending I'm a performer in my spare room. I used to pole dance for Wank Punter and Inertia's Course in Toronto. I'm a writer/blogger/dance & yoga teacher so creativity continuously seeps out of me.

I have videos if you want to see my style and talent.

Pop, rock, some jazz and country. But always up for anything that the crowd will enjoy. I just want to vibrate with the music.

Creep Nothing else matters What's up With or without you Ode to my family Benny and the jets Last Kiss Take me to church and much, much more....

I have an Electric Piano, Microphone, 3 amps, 4 guitars, acoustic drums, music stand, ipad etc. However I know that means nothing if I totally suck. I'm willing to invest more time, effort and money.

"Rockstardum may not be in the cards, but let's pretend anyway." - Julie Kerr

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