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Guitarist Available For Rock Bands In California City
Posted by Wekasoliman 10 months ago



I am Weka Soliman 24 years old versatile experienced guitarist, I have played and recorded with many well-known singers and bands and performed more than 1000 shows including stadium tours. I started playing guitar when I was 8 and had my first paid offer when I was 14, after few years I was ranked as one of the best 5 guitarists in middleeast. I am really interested in joining an established signed touring band. I emigrated to Canada''Montreal'' recently, . In less than 2 years in Canada I have joined of the finest band in MTL (Special Ops) we have been featured on many international platforms (Gear Gods, Metalinjection, Huffpost) also I am endorsed by Godin and prestige guitars!

*Note I dun mind relocating to any place if the offer deserves so.

*here are some videos of me playing and performing live:-



*Music production and compositions:-

*black theama and other recent recording sessions work:-

*weka-soliman with friends:-

*interviews:- (Gear Gods)
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