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Musician Wanted For Rock Band In Brisbane
Posted by The Songs of Tom Smith over 3 years ago


Looking for instrumentalists to join my project Songs of Tom Smith, particularly melodic lead instruments such as guitar, violin, other stringed instruments or even wind or brass; we play regularly in Brisbane and interstate. We have a floating pool of musicians and singers.

At the moment we have 2 drummers, 2 guitarists, 2 bass players and 5 or 6 singers. It means we can be available for gigs easily. When we go interstate to Melb, Sydney or Adelaide we also have musicians/singers in those cities who can form pick up bands. I organise regular events in all cities as well as regional centres such as Townsville.

When we perform I dress up in character, often as a woman or androgenously. This allows me to bring the audience with me as the songs are mostly lyric-based narratives and/or character based explorations from marginalised or eccentric viewpoints.

For local and interstate events, I'm lucky to be able to call on local musicians to form temporary bands and get different guest vocalists to perform on many of the songs. As well as this each bill is made up from other local bands. I have an MC for each event and have a different theme related to a local interest or issue.

Here is a link to my project: Songs of Tom Smith

We've found this model works a treat: you have local bands/acts on the bill as well as contributing to Songs of Tom Smith set as musos/singers. It gives the occasion a sense of unity and the local acts bring their followers and other curious punters. See below examples of recent events/residencies:

Songs of Tom Smith: Homecoming (Adelaide)

Frock Off

Rock Against Sex

You Do It I Can't Be Bothered (Melb)

Tom Smith: O411 836 469


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