The Blue Hotel Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The blue hotel released their debut EP 'stand in gold' in 2017. After the departure of original singer Ally Said replaced by singer/songwriter Jenna Roubos the band hit the ground running immediately releasing a rush of pop rock with the single 'something's happening' followed soon after by the release of 'Into the firelight' EP to generous reviews (here) and a stream of live shows. The Blue Hotel are a 4 piece consisting of Jenna Roubos - Vocal/piano, Nathan Thomas - Guitar/Vocal, and Benjamin O'Brien - drum &percussion. The band are currently seeking a bass player replacing Jerome McKenzie who recently left the band.
The core musical strength of the unit allows the band to move freely between a parade of styles ranging from indie rock, to down beat ambience, dance electronic feels and heart felt ballads. The songwriting veers more toward classicism in style and prose though Roubos and Thomas are clearly fearless in their writing as the band pushes to experiment with sound as well as haunting live visuals and the bands self directed and produced videos.