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Nefarious Heart Denver, Colorado, USA

We are a Metal band that have ben establish for 10 years now... We have over a 100 plus gigs under our belt, toured, Official Video and CD working on more Videos /CD...The Band Members are Roxie Fox Bassist is the founder of the band with a Punk, Rock style. Romeo Astropher Rhythm Guitarist is the newest member of the band of 3 years now. He brings the Black Metal Doom sounds in the band. Rodney (Corpse) is the Drummer of the band with a style of Thrash, Metal. OG Mike played numerus of band that have open for major big acts. Mike is currently the Lead Guitarist for the band with the style of Rock, Classic Rock, Hair Metal, Thrash Metal, Doom Metal. With all the styles combined is what makes Nefarious Heart unique.