None as yet Airport West VIC, Australia

Want to jam regularly and play the odd gig and party. We are currently working on 80s Heavy Rock but also do rock versions of other popular songs from the 70s and 80s.

80s HR Songs inlcude: Bark at the Moon, Mr Crowley, Balls to the Wall, Live Wire, Teenage Frankenstein, We're not Gonna Take It and more.

We do rock versions of: Howzat, Computer Games, Turn Me Loose, Workin for the Weekend, School's Out, Our Lips are Sealed, Cars and You Just Like Me coz I'm Good in Bed

Here's a link to what we're doing atm (we change around quite often) -!AqHifw3c2G1Jg6Vh0YU_OknSki9UUA?e=tkREPU