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N-TRO-P Burlington, NC, USA

this band is a metal band mixed with some emo, punkish, and a cyberpunkish flair to it, so far its just me the lead singer.
though I have the idea of adding some minor cultural touch to each song depending on the cultures of the members, for example i am mixed indigenous EBCI and Irish Gaelic, meaning I could add some native touch to it or Irish aggression. also i can play the didgeridoo so that's cool lol, and can use throat singing into some of my songs.
my main goal for this band is to help as many people as we can by inspiring people to get out there, be proud of themselves and find love for themselves and spread compassion and speak for/to their and our own aggression and personal demons. nothing says spreading love like hard guitar riffs thundering drums and screaming vocals lol also to spread a message from the things i have learned from past experiences and traumatic events.
my ultimate inspirations are:
Black Veil Brides, I DONT KONFORM, Bring me the horizon, UTSU-P, Mick Gordon (composer for the Doom 2016 and Doom eternal soundtrack), ORPHANED LAND, three days grace, among others even from different genres.
unity through chaos, let there be entropy.