Christian, Falsetto Vocal-Harmony (FalsettoCore), Fusion, Pop-Punk Band DeLand, FL, USA

Musicians Wanted for Christian, Falsetto Vocal-Harmony, Pop-Punk Band (DeLand)

I. A little about myself:

I am a
- Child of God in Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah (Christ),
- Singing Drummer (Yes, I sing and drum simultaneously.),
- Songwriter (I write lyrics, vocals, drums, and chords [I play the piano, guitar, and bass a little bit as well].)

I was formerly the drummer for a local Christian metalcore band, but I have decided to start something a little different, specific, unique, and fused.

II. A little about the vision and sound:

Core Values and Vision for this Band:

  1. Prophecy (2 Kings 25:1-5) a. The Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) (1 Corinthians 1:17 - 2:5) b. Personal Testimony (Revelation 19:10)
  2. Lyrics with personal meaning that praise (tell the stories of) God
  3. Preaching on and off stage

  4. Harmony

  5. Minimum of 3-part harmony, including at least 2 falsetto parts

  6. We do not have to be limited to one lead vocalist. If you write a song, you can sing it (unless you would rather someone else sing lead on it).

  7. Honesty

  8. No Samples (for programming instruments [that means electronic keyboards too] or editing [Why not punch in and out for takes?])

  9. No Auto-Tune

  10. No Overdubs (All vocal parts should be able to be done live.)

  11. No backtracks for "live" performance

Anyone interested does not necessarily have to have the same genre and musical influences, as different influences can add flavor (and my idea is fusion anyway); but you must be able to appreciate mine and gel with my writing style. I originally described my idea for the band as "pop-punk" because that's how my first recorded song turned out, but overall it's gonna be a fusion; and based on what I like, this band's songs could sound anywhere from mellow to upbeat to heavy.

Here is a link to my only recorded song so far, so you can get an idea of my idea:

It only has drums, piano, and vocals so far, all done by me. I may remove the piano however, once we get guitar and bass tracks.

My influences include:

Pop-Punk/Hardcore Punk (Rock)
- The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
- Relient K
- Yellowcard
- Write This Down
- Disciple

70's Pop/Rock/Jazz-Funk/Disco
- the Bee Gees (and Andy Gibb)
- Sweet Comfort Band
- Ambrosia
- The Eagles

- For Today
- Phinehas
- Fit For a King
- August Burns Red
- (old) Underoath


III. A little about who I'm looking for:

I'm looking for musicians, preferably ones that can sing and harmonize while playing an instrument, that are serious about the gospel and making a career in the music industry.

(If you do not want to become a core member of the band but want to work live and in the studio with me, I'm open to that possibility too.)

These are my specific needs:


I. At Least 1 Electric Guitarist

II. 1 Bass Guitar (or upright bass) Player
- I don't mind using instruments alternate to the "rock band" model as long as they sound good with the style and in the end cover the necessary frequency spectrums.
- I think the majority of my writing style would require playing with a pick (or bow).
- The song I've written and recorded so far uses A0, so you will need to be willing to play in A standard or drop A (probably needing at least a five-string).
- If you play bass guitar, being able to slap and pop is a plus but not required.

III. At least 1 instrumentalist alternate to the "rock band" model
- Orchestral Strings: Violin, viola, cello, and/or bass (played with bow) (Bass is not necessary if we have a bass guitarist.)
- Piano (not electronic) (if you are willing to tour with a piano)
- You can even surprise me with something else.


I. Someone who has a higher (tenor or higher) voice than mine (baritone) that can sing in falsetto to harmonize with my voice (male preferred for this part)

II. A third vocalist for a 3-part harmony (Being able to sing and harmonize in falsetto is preferred.) (No specific vocal range is required.)

III. Someone who can scream (Being able to sing is a plus too.) (If you scream, you don't necessarily have to sing in falsetto.) (I'm not sure if having a screamer will be essential to this band, but I like a lot of music with screaming, and I think it would add to the variety of style already present. [I like heavy breakdowns too.])

If interested:

Please contact me by email or text. (Shoot me a text if I don't respond to your email in a day, in case it gets sent to spam for any reason.) We will proceed with the audition process from there.

For auditions, please be prepared to tell me a little about yourself, your walk with God, your history with music making and performance, and to record an instrument part over my already existing track (also recording a vocal part is preferred as well). If you can't do that, have your written part prepared for a live audition. Once you contact me, we can collaborate through bandlab, or I can send you a download of my song, lyrics and chord chart, track without harmonies (and piano), click track, whatever you need.

Also, having something original recorded and/or to perform live is a plus but is not required.

Thank you for your interest,

  • Lucas